Rising Ringers

Welcome to the risingringers page!

the risingringers is a guild group for those ringers who are at the early stages of ringing

the risingringers is not just for the young ringers it is for all learners, and if you're one, then we want you to join in!

the group was set up to bring together all the learning ringers in Leicestershire, because it can be a bit lonely stuck in towers on our own! for more on what we're about, have a look at the risingringers alphabet

so far...

have a look at what has already happened so far.


next event...

...is being planned as you read this! if you've got a suggestion, please send us an email!

The calendar for 2017 is:

Saturday 25th March

Saturday 27th May

Saturday 22nd July

Saurday 23rd September

Saturday 25th Novemeber

All practices are 7:00 - 8:30pm

whether you've been to a risingringers event or not, we really want you to join us! keep checking this page for news of events and get in touch with

risingringers @ leicesterdg.org.uk


Christmas Outing 2012

Rising Ringers Christmas outing 2012 – On Friday 28th December 2012 the rising ringers enjoyed a day of bowling and bells. We met in the morning at Hollywood Bowl Meridian for some 10-pin bowling. I knew we were in for a treat when some people turn up with their own bowling ball and shoes! We filling 4 lanes and had a great time with some very impressive bowling talent on display. Sam was the overall winner with 109 points closely followed by Stephan and Gail all achieving triple figure scores. The best scoring team was a combined team from Sapcote tower and Family Harrison. So it was smiles all round apart from Simon who had been well beaten by Aoife and Gail even though he should know how to bowl!!! (he’s a member of a bowls club you know). Next stop lunch then off to ring for the afternoon at 3 towers Burbage, Sapcote and Leire. All these bells are very easy to ring to we achieved some really nice ringing. Impressive display on the 10 bells at Sapcote as this was the first time some people had rung on more than 8 bells. It was good to ring at Leire following the construction of a new ringing floor making the bells easier to ring. Many thanks to the incumbents for the use of the bells.

30 people attended on the day and I would like to thank all the helpers for their support and enthusiasm. The rising ringers group is for ALL ages and abilities. If you know someone who is learning to ring then please contact me and more importantly attend the meetings – it is great to see fresh faces coming through.