Sept 2015 Newsletter

Latest Newsletter!

The September 2015 edition of the LDG Newsletter is available for your reading pleasure just here.

June 2015 Newsletter

The June 2015 Newsletter is here!

Guild Ringing Course - Itinerary

The Guild Ringing Course is fast approaching - For details of the Itinerary, Click Here!

Pop of the Past

If you went to the Guild Dinner in February and took home a copy of the Pop of the Past Quiz that Alison produced as a BRF Fund Raiser, you can now get a copy of the answers here.

70 Copies where sold and only one of the entries was 100% correct!

Congratulations to the winner, and thank you to Alison for producing the quiz!

Guild Social - 4th July

The Guild Summer Social will be held on 4th July in the Loughborough District..


Latest Newsletter!

The April 2015 edition of the newsletter is now available here.

The newsletter contains news from around the districts as well as reports from notable events, such as the Guild Dinner, and Progressing Ringers.