Learners Blog Bell Date 12.06.14


Its been a few months since my last blog. In some ways it has made me realise what I have acheived in the last year. When you look back over weeks it seems as if you are stuck in one place but if you take a longer veiw you can see how far you have come.

I attended the Hereford ring course in April, it was brilliant, I would definately recommend it to all learners. The excellant teaching finally got me out of the habit of counting bells and not places (unbelievable eh?)

With my new found skills and some ropesight now! I have moved on to inside bells in Bob double and Minor and am assurred I am getting better at Bobs and Singles, so much so, Francis has said I am ready for my first Quarter Peal, which will be July/August after the holiday.

Progressing Ringers continues to be really well attended with excellant teaching as well as organisational skills. I managed to do my first Gransire Triples on the treble with minimal help and first Plain Bob minor on the 3rd with lots of help. Despite the torrential rain I felt really great when I left Anstey on May 24th.

Anyway, still not so good on ringing up and down despite excellant teaching from Charles Bishop at Hereford it still scares the living daylights out of me, so lots more practise needed.

I'm coming into my third year of ringing and feel as euphoric and enthusiastic as ever.

Onwards and upwards I say!