Learners Blog Bell Date 16.09.14

Loads to tell you, Firstly I managed to do a quarter peal of Plain Bob Doubles on 17th August. I was so nervous, it was worse than taking a driving test but I had excellant help from. Francis Fisher, John Cook, Nicky and Dave Carling and Mark Pendary. I couldn't really fail with such a strong band around me. I felt brilliant afterwards and bragged to all my workmates who didn't have a clue what I was talking about. (their loss, I say!!!)

Then the big news...... The ringing course 12th to 14th september, if you missed it get booked onto next year.

It was great. really well organised. great teachers, A special thank-you to Sally Brown for organising our sessions on plain bob minor. Well chosen towers with good bells for learners and fantastic venue as base camp at the Ullesthorpe Scout Camp. Even the Ringing simulator was brilliant and assembled with ease by a team led by Chris. (well mostly Chris)

We had lovely meals cooked by Ruth and good company  with people talking bells all night. What more could you want, except more ringing courses.

The best thing was all the new friends I made and increase in ringing opportunities with different towers inviting us to join their practise nights.

I think I cracked bob minor on the inside so will keep working on that for a bit to get it cemented into my brain.

Inspiration of the Month is Chris Sansome and Mick Angrave for all their hard work in organising the course and really everybody who attended, learners and helpers and tower captains who offerred their towers.

Looking forward to next year already.