Learners Blog Bell Date 22.12.14

It's a busy time for all ringers with Carol services and ringing for christmas services. It seems sad that some Towers do not have enough ringers for Christmas morning service.

A friend asked me if I got paid for ringing at Christmas," No I replied", "could you get Christmas day off if you wanted to" she said, Why would I want to? I love ringing at any opportunity. Some people just don't get it!

I have had a great ringing year, helped along by all you wonderful experienced ringers. I can just about do Plain Bob Minor unaided on the 2nd. Sometimes I get it, then other times I'm completely lost. ( note to self. BE more consistant)

New years learning plan involves;

Plain Bob Doubles inside with bobs

Learning Grandsire on the inside.

Hopefully going to Hereford again to try Kent Treble bob.

Definately going to LDG ringing course, It was great in September and I can't wait for next years course.

Still not really mastered ringing up and down in peal but keep soldiering on with those coils.

Hopefully I will see everybody at the progressing ringers at Anstey on 27th December ( what a bonus treat eh?) for my last ring of 2014.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New year x Lianne