Shortly after my first Blog, Tony Croft contacted me & we had a very interesting discussion. I decided to wait until Tony had done his initial proof of concept, to prove his ideas. Then Belfree was created, my first chance to see the 'box' was when I assisted Chris H & Franco at the Roadshow, where a pre-production one was used. Due to the fact we could not place it in the correct place on the Saxilby Simulator, we had quite a few adverse comments, mainly about the oddstruckness. I suggested that in reality we needed an open day at St Margarets to dispel all the negative comments.

So a fortnight ago we all met up at The Gate & placed 10 of them on the Back 10, front 7 functioned, back 3 did not, due to their heavier weight & the laptop could not pick up the signal in the church. Chris H created a repeater in the pub over lunch, we had a try out with everybody after the wedding ringing with good results. After that we had the laptop functioning in the church.

A week later the 3 of us spent a couple of cold hours at The Gate on a Sunday afternoon, we had the 10th working, though woefully odd struck. Several days later Chris H had sorted the software problems out.

The Open Day then occured, all 10 boxs where back on the 10, we could not altering the timing in Abel, as 9 had the clappers tied to stop noise complaints. Tony & the lads had a very good response from those there, most had not been at the Roadshow last year.

By the end of the year the ITTS Simulator will up and running, though hopefully I will be permitted to extend it beyond its original idea.