Learners Blog Bell Date 23.03.15


Its been a very busy weekend for Leicestershire ringers with everybody ringing for Richard lll.

At Ratby we rang for service and in rememberance of Richard lll and I know other towers rang a half muffled quarter peal. Villages on the return route rang for Richard. I went to see the cortege at Desford along with hundreds of other people then dashed to St Margarets for the open ringing.

We rang mostly rounds and call changes because there was alot of learners present. It was good to get experience on St Margarets bells and great to ring whilst King Richard's coffin was doing the rounds in Leicester.

I haven't rang at St margarets for about a year so was very rusty, many appologies to all listeners for the several mistakes I made.

Chris Newman was very patient with all of us learners so thanks for Chris and other organisers for giving us the opportunity to ring.

My weekend had begun with the ringing up and down in peal pratice at St peters and St Pauls at Hathern on saturday morning.

Judith Godfrey (Loughborough District) ran a fantastic session which was really valuable because it was dedicated time to learn this most difficult of part of bell ringing. I think we all made progress and agreed it was a lovely learning atmosphere with helpers that really wanted us to improve. We were given some great tips to help us spot whether we were too far up or too far behind so thanks to all who organised the training and helped on the day.

Anyway it paid off because next day at Ratby everybody said I had improved my ringing down. Just got to keep it up now and be more consistant.

Looking forward to hearing the ringing for King Richards Re-interment on Thursday 26th at Leicester Cathedral. It is great to know that our freinds who are ringing will be heard all over the world (so no pressure there then)