its been a year since my last blog.

I attended the ringing course in september last year, once again brilliantly organised by Chris , Mick and Mark.

I had fantastic tuition from Garry Mason for A touch of Bob Minor. It seemed a big leap from doubles methods and I still get a bit lost sometimes but keep plodding on and taking the opportunity to practise it whenever possible.

I am still persevering with treble bobing, Grandsire on the inside, hoping to move to learning a touch of Grandsire, Little Bob on the inside and developing my eight bell ropesight.

These days i travel around with my new best ringing friend Lewis. Alot of you know Lewis because we visit your towers, everybody is glad to see Lewis and I'm just the driver!!! (Only kidding) Lewis is 11 and has been ringing for about 18 months. He is already ringing Stedman and Kent and Cambridge. Everybody says its because kids learner at a quicker pace but I also think Lewis is a natural born ringer. He amazes me sometimes as he only has to watch a method once and seems to be able to ring it perfectly the next time. ( when I ask how he does it, he tells me he just pulls the rope when he feels like it) if only it was that easy!

We have great fun travelling around the county meeting everybody and doing what we love.

On monday we went to Lutterworth for the district meeting,a very heavy eight but lovely to ring. Lewis rang Bob Major on the inside with very little help and I rang Grandsire tripples on the inside with lots of help from Garry Mason again. Lewis was suppreamly confident, I was my usual bag of nerves, what a difference 44 years makes eh?

But I wouldn't change it for the world, it's great to see so many new young learners coming through. I will be taking Lewis to the ringing course this year but he will be in a more advanced group than I.

We also attended the Guild Dinner this year but had to leave early as one of our parties father sadly passed away that night. Jack Haywood was not a ringer but many of you will know Joyce who rang regularly at Ratby until very recently.

When they were young and courting Jack used to ferry Joyce to all her bell ringing in a Morris (shooting brake, i think it was called). That makes him an honorary ringer I think. A quarter peal was rung at Ratby for Jacks funeral and he will be much missed by all.

Anyway if I could just get some rhythm going on i might improve, in the meantime I'll just keep practising.