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When you first start ringing, it can be quite daunting. In some towers you might be the only learner in your age group - or even the only learner full stop! We feel that it's important to know that there are other learners out there - You can find them at the Rising Ringers and Progressing Ringers sessions. It's also good for more experienced ringers to know what a learner thinks as they go through the learning process.

As such, we are asking learners to help us by Blogging here about their experiences. Hopefully if you're a learner you'll be encouraged by the posts here - and if you're a teacher, you'll find insight that will help your students.

I started training as an Association of Ringing Teachers, ART,  "teacher" by attending Module 1 of the ART Teachers Courses (  ) at St Margaret's Leicester. 

 Although I have been ringing for some 40 years now and "taught" a couple of learners to ring I did not feel confident to teach and also wanted to ensure that what I was teaching was correct and above all safe.

We all have bad ringing habits and that includes me having more than most!  ( I discovered a lot of mine on the course!) and what the Learning The Ropes course did for me was introduce a more standardised way of teaching in a structured common approach.   I would recommend it to anyone who teaches beginners whether they have been teaching for years or simply want to learn to teach.

It does take a little longer to get a learner to ringing the strokes unaided BUT I believe the learners are much more "secure" and safe because they know how to recognise difficulties and how to deal with them and it also means any issues with ringing style are ironed out as the learner progresses not trying to change bad habits once they have become established.

I'll let you know how I get on ART Module 2 and how my 3 learners feel about their individual progress and my abilities as a teacher thanks to ART!

If you want any more information on the ART courses and programme then please contact Mark Pendry (my ART Mentor) or myself.

Tony Croft


Learners Blog bell date 29.07.13

I have returned from my holiday in the very sunny Baltics. Lots of Scandinavian countries visited, lots of churches and Cathedrals but no bells, Wel,l no bells with ropes attached. Lovely carrillion bells on Hare Island in St Petersburg.

I missed ringing for Prince George but it looks as if everybody gave him a good welcome and thanks for all the emails from towers  who had rang to welcome him.

Onwards and upwards with my learning. I will be having a big push to improve hopefully, significantly by Christmas, trying to iron out all those bad habits.

I was sorry to miss progressive ringers on Saturday but didn't reurn until About 12.30 and had to face all that washing!

But it was good to ring for service on Sunday at Ratby, Two weeks is just too long to go without ringing but I'm sure all you experienced ringers already know that.

Looking forward to friday at Wigston Magna for the district meeting.

Learners Blog Bell Date 23.06.13

Well its been a bit up and down just lately.

Had a good practise session at Narbourough on Thursday 13th june but  at Oadby on tuesday 18th june, I lost hold of the sally again and had to be saved by Andrew.

Who knew there were so many hero's in Leicestershire?

Anyway I went on to have a good session except for some reason I keep looking at my own rope. Why do I do that?

I know I will see more if I look around. Just keep nagging at me everybody!

I missed the next thursday at Narborough because of a hold up on the motorway and got home from work really late. I don't usually let work get in the way of practise, got to get your priorities right eh? But traffic is another thing altogether!

I rang for a wedding at Ratby on Friday 21st  june and was nervous as I didn't want to make a mistake for the couple getting married. I was so nervous I messed it up at the begining. (  I so did not want to do that!) My fellow ringers quickly got me back on track and all went well. 

Ringing for service at Ratby went well this morning with just a few minor glitches, so onwards and upwards.


Looking forward to the guild open day on Saturday 29th June.


Note To Self..... stop looking at your own rope!!!


Learners Blog Bell date 07.06.13

Back on track at my normal friday night practise at Ratby. Still struggling with timing and getting up into 5th place on bob doubles.

Did a bit better on ringing up and not feeling so nervous about it.

This months inspiration is Mark Banner of Ratby. Mark gave up his valuable time to give Val and I tied practise sessions when we first started, so we could accelerate our bell handling skills and move onto the real ringing!

The tied sessions were really useful as it allowed us to make quiet mistakes and not annoy the village. It also gave us a safe and comfortable learning environment without too many onlookers which can be daunting at first.

I'm sure I can speak for most learners, no matter how much we know the experienced ringers love to teach us, we sometimes don't want to eat into their valuable ringing time, so we value all the time given by everybody in every session.