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When you first start ringing, it can be quite daunting. In some towers you might be the only learner in your age group - or even the only learner full stop! We feel that it's important to know that there are other learners out there - You can find them at the Rising Ringers and Progressing Ringers sessions. It's also good for more experienced ringers to know what a learner thinks as they go through the learning process.

As such, we are asking learners to help us by Blogging here about their experiences. Hopefully if you're a learner you'll be encouraged by the posts here - and if you're a teacher, you'll find insight that will help your students.

Learners Blog Bell Date 04.06.13


Not my finest hour at the Guild District meeting at All Saints Church Newtown Linford.

A timely reminder to keep a tight rope which I didn't and wondered why the sally was across the tower and not in my hand where it should be. At least I remembered not to let go of the tail end but I needed John Cook to save me.

Thanks John My Hero!!!

I carried on with call changes but struggled later with bob minor, Dear oh dear!!!

I think I'll put that practise session out of my memory until the next time when" I'll feel the fear and do it anyway"

Thanks to Richard and the team for thier warm welcome to all Saints at Newtown Linford.

Note To self....... tight rope, hands all the way down, stop panicking,

Learners Blog Bell date 01.06.13

Is it June already? who needs good weather when the sun is always shining in a tower somwhere?

I had great fun at Narbourough on thursday evening with Tony and Heather keeping us learners on track.

It was difficult to make the transition to the lighter bells at Ratby on friday evening after ringing the heavy and fast 6 at Narborough.

Lots more practise needed i think, I am trying to ring the treble to methods with a touch so I can gain rope site.

I know I'm in for the long haul but I'm not going to be beaten although I may drive some people to distraction whilst I'm learning. I appologise in advance.

Next practise session at Newtown Linford on Monday with the Guild Members.

Learners Blog Bell Date 28.05.13

On a rainy tuesday evening we visited St Bartholomews at Kirby Muxloe.

Who are we you ask? The Narborough Elite with  some Ratby and Broughton Astley thrown in for good measure.

Thank-you to Stan and Brian who welcomed us.

We rang a variety of methods with Tony, Paul, Racheal, Bill, Maeve, Naomi and Liz.

We were all abilities and it was great for me to return to Kirby and for Stan to say he had noticed a big improvement in my ringing and confidence.

After a brilliant session we had a swift half in the castle to celebrate.

On to Narborough tonight where method of the month is Gransire, which I'll try not to mess up too much.

We will be under the watchful eyes of Tony and Heather who have kindly let me gatecrash thier practise night and become an honorary member of the Narborough Elite.


What a day!

Ringing in Leicestershire is in great shape right now. The enthusiasm level is great and I can see people really enjoying ringing. I am always inspired after a rising ringers session and tonight was no different. It was great to see people encouraging and helping the youngsters. We have some very promising young ringers coming through. What was really good about today was that some of the learners from the progressing ringers session this morning came along to help out at the rising ringers. This has given me an idea for the September meeting when both progressing and rising happen on the same day. More on that later. I want to thank the helpers, you can see you make a massive impact on the ability of others to learn. Just read below and the feedback from the sessions is very appreciative. I hope we can keep this up!

Top tip from today. Theory is vital. The ad-hoc theory sessions at progressing ringers really make a difference. If you have a busy practice night or district meeting take a group out and run a quick theory session on........well anything, call changes, change ringing, rope sight.....anything.  Don't let people sit out. I know it's obvious but I am told we don't do enough of it. 

Have fun. 

Mark Pendery