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When you first start ringing, it can be quite daunting. In some towers you might be the only learner in your age group - or even the only learner full stop! We feel that it's important to know that there are other learners out there - You can find them at the Rising Ringers and Progressing Ringers sessions. It's also good for more experienced ringers to know what a learner thinks as they go through the learning process.

As such, we are asking learners to help us by Blogging here about their experiences. Hopefully if you're a learner you'll be encouraged by the posts here - and if you're a teacher, you'll find insight that will help your students.

Learners Blog Bell Date 25.05.13

Part Two.

Rising ringers at St Bartholomews Quorn.

It was lovely to see so many young ringers at all levels of ability. the bells were a pleasure to ring and very good for learners.

this months guest  blogger is;

Victoria Semek from Sapcote.

Victoria is 10 and is one of those " natural born ringers" She started about 1 year and 2 months ago and can already ring Cambridge on the treble.

She is moving onto inside bells and can plain hunt on the 2nd. Victoria says she really enjoys watching the other ringers and her inspiration is Steve Harvey of Sapcote.

She is also a "natural teacher" thanks Victoria for helping me with my plain hunt on the 2nd and giving me some useful pointers on rope sight.

Isn't that the great thing about bell ringing? that we can all learn from each other, whatever age. 

I went home feeling euphoric after a great days ringing.

Learners Blog Bell Date 25.05.13

Part One

Can this day get any better?

We have just spent the morning in the beautiful village of Ashby Folville at St Marys Church for Progressing ringers.

How can we fail to progress with the calibre of experienced helpers and even the sun was shining to warm us up in between rings.

Chris Samsome did a sterling job making sure everybody got equal bell time and was able to practise within their ability. Also knowing when to challenge and push ringers to the next level which is done a friendly and reassuring way so you don't feel too daft when you go wrong.

Mark Pendary gave us  an excellent lesson on rope sight and some useful tips to help us" shape up a bit"

Nicholas Parr gave us an understanding of ringing on the inside to Bob Doubles, everybody agreed it was all useful stuff

There was such a buzz around this morning and everybody felt it. All in all a great session.

Pure bliss!

Onwards and upwards to tonight at quorn 

Learners Blog Bell date 21.05.13

How can I have aquired so many bad habits in just 18 months?


the knee bending

the looking at the floor

the looking at the rope

too quick at hand

too slow at back

not getting up into 5ths

Will I ever get it right?

Thanks to all at Oadby tonight who valiently try to point me in the right direction....... the door I think !!!!

Sometimes this bell ringing lark is 1 step forward and 2 steps back, looking forward to saturday though Progressing Ringers at Ashby Folville and Rising Ringers at Quorn.Where I will be trying the patience of the helpers again and looking on enviously at those " natural born ringers" who seem to pick it up JUST LIKE THAT!

In the meantime I am praying for rope sight!



As chairman of the recruitment and education committee I would like to thank you for taking the time and reading the blog section. This section is all about sharing learning experiences and making new contacts. I would like to thank Lianne for her blog. It is great to see the exercise can attract people and provide activities that enthuse people.

As this is my first blog I am not really sure what to write. Maybe if you are an experienced blogger you can suggest some topic areas for me to write about – hopefully ringing related!

I have chaired 3 meetings of the R&E committee so far. It is a very busy committee. In the first meeting we decided a new approach was required for training courses. To cut a long story short we decided to set up the ‘Progressing Ringers’. This sits between the ‘Rising Ringers’ and the advanced practices. Other topics include ITTS, Alan Jacques memorial fund and the reintroduction of the ringing course (I said it was busy!) The committee is to serve all members of the LDG so if you have a great idea regarding recruitment and education get in touch.

The ‘Progressing ringers’ had the first meeting at Anstey on Saturday 27thApril. It was very well attended and I hope this continues to be well supported. Do come along if you can. Next meeting 25thMay Ashby Folville.

More blogs later.

Mark Pendery