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When you first start ringing, it can be quite daunting. In some towers you might be the only learner in your age group - or even the only learner full stop! We feel that it's important to know that there are other learners out there - You can find them at the Rising Ringers and Progressing Ringers sessions. It's also good for more experienced ringers to know what a learner thinks as they go through the learning process.

As such, we are asking learners to help us by Blogging here about their experiences. Hopefully if you're a learner you'll be encouraged by the posts here - and if you're a teacher, you'll find insight that will help your students.

Learners Blog Bell Date 18.05.13

Today I went to St Marys in Humberstone to attempt to ring the 3rd  heaviest 6 in the county.

Are you mad? I hear you all cry!  Quite possibly and definately when I ascend the verticle ladder with my fellow intrepid ringers.

Oh! but what fun we had and what an adventure.

I have been ringing now for 1 year and 6 months exactly and to say I have become hooked is an understatement.

This week I am mainly making a mess of plain bob minor and generally not keeping in time with anybody so I'll say now a thank-you to all you experienced ringers who give up your time and have endless patience for all of us learners.

Tune in regularly for further updates on my learning journey and find out if you are my inspiration of the month.

This months candidate is Francis Fisher of Ratby who has so far spent the most time teaching me right from scatch.