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When you first start ringing, it can be quite daunting. In some towers you might be the only learner in your age group - or even the only learner full stop! We feel that it's important to know that there are other learners out there - You can find them at the Rising Ringers and Progressing Ringers sessions. It's also good for more experienced ringers to know what a learner thinks as they go through the learning process.

As such, we are asking learners to help us by Blogging here about their experiences. Hopefully if you're a learner you'll be encouraged by the posts here - and if you're a teacher, you'll find insight that will help your students.

Learners Blog Bell Date 16.09.14

Loads to tell you, Firstly I managed to do a quarter peal of Plain Bob Doubles on 17th August. I was so nervous, it was worse than taking a driving test but I had excellant help from. Francis Fisher, John Cook, Nicky and Dave Carling and Mark Pendary. I couldn't really fail with such a strong band around me. I felt brilliant afterwards and bragged to all my workmates who didn't have a clue what I was talking about. (their loss, I say!!!)

Then the big news...... The ringing course 12th to 14th september, if you missed it get booked onto next year.

It was great. really well organised. great teachers, A special thank-you to Sally Brown for organising our sessions on plain bob minor. Well chosen towers with good bells for learners and fantastic venue as base camp at the Ullesthorpe Scout Camp. Even the Ringing simulator was brilliant and assembled with ease by a team led by Chris. (well mostly Chris)

We had lovely meals cooked by Ruth and good company  with people talking bells all night. What more could you want, except more ringing courses.

The best thing was all the new friends I made and increase in ringing opportunities with different towers inviting us to join their practise nights.

I think I cracked bob minor on the inside so will keep working on that for a bit to get it cemented into my brain.

Inspiration of the Month is Chris Sansome and Mick Angrave for all their hard work in organising the course and really everybody who attended, learners and helpers and tower captains who offerred their towers.

Looking forward to next year already.





Learners Blog Bell Date 12.06.14


Its been a few months since my last blog. In some ways it has made me realise what I have acheived in the last year. When you look back over weeks it seems as if you are stuck in one place but if you take a longer veiw you can see how far you have come.

I attended the Hereford ring course in April, it was brilliant, I would definately recommend it to all learners. The excellant teaching finally got me out of the habit of counting bells and not places (unbelievable eh?)

With my new found skills and some ropesight now! I have moved on to inside bells in Bob double and Minor and am assurred I am getting better at Bobs and Singles, so much so, Francis has said I am ready for my first Quarter Peal, which will be July/August after the holiday.

Progressing Ringers continues to be really well attended with excellant teaching as well as organisational skills. I managed to do my first Gransire Triples on the treble with minimal help and first Plain Bob minor on the 3rd with lots of help. Despite the torrential rain I felt really great when I left Anstey on May 24th.

Anyway, still not so good on ringing up and down despite excellant teaching from Charles Bishop at Hereford it still scares the living daylights out of me, so lots more practise needed.

I'm coming into my third year of ringing and feel as euphoric and enthusiastic as ever.

Onwards and upwards I say!

Good bellhandling is an essential part of our excercise. In order to assist with this I have posted some youtube links in the R&E section (not sure that is the bast place yet) that show examples of good bell handling. The article is below.


Bell Handling

A vital part of learning to ring is having good bell handling skills. This will enable you as a learner to progress on to other aspects of ringing. It is a core foundational skill of the excercise. These early skills learned form the foundations on which the later skills are built. The difficulty for the new learner is knowning what 'Good' actually looks like. Below are some video clips of 'Very Good' bell handling. Please take a look at these to ensure your bell handling and style matches up to this. If you feel you need more help or tuition please make contact with a member of the Recruitment & Education team using the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Slow Motion bellringing -

Handstroke Grip and Pull - Learning the Ropes DVD from ART -

Stages of Learning - Learning the Ropes DVD from ART -

I hope you find these resources useful and help you inprove your skills

Mark Pendery


We are attempting to install magnetic detectors on the Back 8, of the Light 10, including both sixes, for use during the ITTS training courses. This is a long term development, any technical input is appreciated.  Will Andrew Young note we are not trying to compete with the Oadby Ringing Centre.