1st     30 faults     Market Harborough

2nd    49 faults     Leicester

3rd     78 faults     Melton Mowbray

4th     83 faults     Hinckley

Congratulations to the Market Harborough Team!


The December 2015 edition of the newsletter is now available here!


We have recently created a new area of the Guild Website for us to host content that should be available to the Membership, but not to the public in general.

With the HYM coming up, we'd like to try and distribute as many of the reports and other pieces of information for the HYM ahead of time, by providing them online for members to review prior to the meeting.

If you don't have an account already, then you will need to create an account - look for the "Create an account" Link on the bottom left side near the Log in button.

Thanks - and we'll see you all at Ashby Folville on 30th April

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