About Us

The BRF Fundraising Committee complements and assists the Guild's districts with fund-raising initiatives in aid of the Bell Restoration Fund, which provides grants to churches for bell restoration or augmentation. The Committee can also help and advise those trying to raise funds for their own bell project within the Diocese of Leicester.

The Committee has put together a list of funding sources for a BRF project, with useful information and links.

If you would like more information on the ideas in the funding sources document, or any other aspect regarding the generation of funds for a BRF project, please contact the committee chairman, Mark Pendery, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I help?

The BRF has to raise significant sums of money to be able to achieve its aims. You can help in one of four ways…


As a registered charity donations to the BRF from UK taxpayers are eligible for Gift Aid when you complete this form. If you would like to make regular payments by bank standing order, please contact the Guild Treasurer for the details you will need.  

If you are willing to give at least £10 each year, then please consider joining our affiliation scheme. More details about the affiliation scheme are available here, and leaflets are available in churches or by sending an email to

brf leicesterdg.org.uk

Support BRF Fundraising activities

Many BRF Fundraising events happen every year, from Grand Raffles to Barn Dances! When you see one advertised go along, get involved and spread the word!

Funeral Collections

Flowers are fine for the funeral, but they only last a couple of days. You could ask for donations to the BRF.


Once familiy and friends are remembered in your will, is there anyone else you could help? How about the worthy cause of Bell Restoration?