To help your tower with new recruitment, the Education and Recruitment Committee have a variety of display equipment for use at public events and a pack of vital resources for every tower, all free!

The essentials for a beginning your recruitment are contained in the "Recruitment Starter Kit" available from the committee. This contains:

  • Professionally printed glossy poster
  • Blue "Bell Ringing" recruitment leaflet
  • Green Leicester Guild leaflet
  • Sample recruitment letter
  • Guild Permission to Ring form
  • Guild recruitment coaster
  • "I rang the bells" sticker

These should get your recruitment started and get you thinking about what more to do! More copies are available free from the committee, please do just ask!

The 3Rs Committee also has resources for church fetes, open days and more to give the general public an idea of what bell ringing is all about and how they can go about joining in. Currently we have the following resources for displays and also for use during a recruitment campaign: (click here for pictures)

  • Display boards (including display materials)
  • Recruitment posters and leaflets
  • Laptop
  • CCTV Camera (use, with the laptop & projector, to show people your bells as they are ringing)
  • Projector with manualinstructions and Screen
  • 2D Bell model
  • Toy Hand Bells
  • Banner (Become a Bellringer)
  • Simulator Bell (feels just like ringing a normal bell - links to the laptop)
  • Central Council books
  • Sherbourne Teaching Aids booklets
  • Set of hand bells

 If you are having a fete, planning an open day or recruitment campaign, please contact us to find out more about the resources we can offer you.

These resources can also be used for talks to groups. If you have any local groups who many be interested, please let us get in touch with them!  Please send us your feedback after use.

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