Recruitment of new ringers is vital if our hobby is to continue in to the future. Below are downloadable files, information, advice and ideas for recruiting new ringers to your tower. Please note that all letters titled as 'guide' are for use as a guide to writing your own letter, can be used as they are (with local contacts) or even a bit of both!!

Please contact the Committee for more details, advice and information. If you have any new ideas or resources we would like to hear from you!

Central Council Recruitment Leaflet

Recruitment Leaflet

This new leaflet is designed to be given to members of the public who express an interest in ringing, possibly at an open day or fete, or as part of a mass letter-box delivery to your village/area.


Printed copies of the leaflet are available free from your Committee representative. It's advisable to use address labels to place your personal contact details on the back of the leaflets, sticking them over the Ringing World address, and/or use...

Recruitment Letter

The Guild has produced a guide letter for use in conjunction with the Leaflet. Download it here

More information and advice on using the Leaflets and Letter as part of a large recruitment campaign is available from the 3Rs Committee.

Recruitment Poster

Recruitment Posters

The Guild now has 2 A4 recruitment posters, for your use on noticeboards, shop windows etc. Both posters take the become a bell ringer theme and have text explaining the attractions of ringing. There is also space to add local contact details.


The coloured poster has been professionally printed on 'glossy' card and is available free from the Education Committee


The black and white poster is designed to be easily printed on a home computer. Click here to view and print a free PDF version of the poster.

 Local Media

Making yourself known is important to increase public awareness of ringing, and hopefully increase recruitment numbers. The ideas below are effective, simple and easy techniques to use...

  • Regular articles in the local/church newsletter keep ringing in people's minds
  • If your village or church has a website, make sure the bell ringers are given a page. You might find it useful to provide a link to the Becoming a Bell Ringer section on this site.

The recruitment leaflet, letter and Becoming a Bell Ringer page give a good idea of what kind of thing you could include. Keep articles short and interesting and always include a welcome to practice night (putting time as the last 30mins rather than the whole practice). Don't be afraid of using cliches and always include contact details (address, telephone, email etc).

Press Releases

The Guild sends regular Press Releases to contacts in news organisations (newspapers, radio etc) and would be happy to consider doing one on any special news in your tower, please contact the Guild PR Officer - see our Contacts Page

Lapsed Ringers

There are many people out there who were once taught to ring, but for whatever reason decided to give up. It may be that that reason still stands, but it is common to find it has been removed and, given the opportunity and encouragement, the ex-ringer could return. The Guild has produced a guide letter, available to download here

Open Days and Using the Education and Recruitment Committee

A lot of help and advice for organising and running an open day is available from the Committee. The Committee also has a selection of resources for use at public events (open days/fetes) and is available to do talks and presentations, click here to find out more.

Some Recruitment Ideas and Techniques

  • Make sure the belfry is welcoming to new visitors - keep it clean and decorate if necessary. Make sure the ringers are welcoming too
  • Choose a Service where there is normally a large congregation, e.g. Christingle, and announce that the Tower will be open immediately after the Service. Demonstrate ringing and let the public have a go at chiming.
  • Invite the local primary school to run a project on ringing to include a visit to the tower, look out for children who seem interested
  • Invite the uniformed organisations to have a tower visit as one of their meetings
  • Invite friends, neighbours, relatives, colleagues etc to drop in on practice night to see what happens - you can say that its interesting to have an insight in to this unique pastime
  • Once there are active younger ringers in your tower it is much easier to attract others. The important thing then is to try to teach every year

Young People and Ringing

We need more young people to keep our hobby alive and continuing into the future. The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers has put together some information outlining recruitment opportunities from young people's groups such as the scouts.  This page includes further information and guidelines on child protection. A guidance leaflet "Protecting Young Ringers" can be downloaded in PDF format here.

You can also download the official Permission To Ring form to be supplied to young learners, aimed at their parents, after their first visit to the tower.

Central Council Publications

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers has a very wide variety of publications and documents for sale, covering all aspects of ringing. Many are very good and will be highly beneficial to you and/or your tower. A complete list of all available titles and their price and contact details for purchasing a publication is available on the Central Council website here.

The Education and Recruitment Committee would like to know if you have any suggested items for this section, and also improvements that could be made to it or the resources available from it. Please contact us.

Association of Ringing Teachers

The Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) website has plenty of ideas for planning, teaching and retaining new recruits.