Module 1



Suitable for those who already teach bell handling and want to update their skills and for those who are new to teaching handling, Module 1 provides you with the skills and techniques necessary to take a ringer from their first lesson to having competent bell control.

Through a mixture of practical and classroom sessions you learn:

* How to teach a skill using the ‘levels’ of instruction and how to use feedback & positive reinforcement

* How to break down bell handling into easy stages that the ringer can master

* About different learning preferences and how to adapt your teaching

* The benefits of intensive teaching

It is important to start teaching as soon as possible after the day course; it's amazing how quickly things can be forgotten and confidence lost if the techniques learnt aren't put into practice very soon afterwards. The Module is completed when you have taught using the various exercises and techniques learned, and gained ART accreditation following a short, assessed lesson.


Module 2


Supports new and experienced teachers to teach the essential foundation skills necessary to ring well with others – such as ropesight, striking and listening – by using effective exercises that are varied and fun.

In both Modules 2F & 2C there are a mixture of theory and practical sessions which deal with running a practice, building a band, standing behind, coaching and how to introduce change ringing. They provide you with the skills and techniques necessary to build really good foundation ringing skills in your ringers. Module 2C develops further into teaching methods beyond plain hunt and the development of change ringing skills using exercises and unusual methods to aid learning.

After the day course it is important to use the ideas learned by running some practices. If you are unable to do this in your own tower, organise a foundation skills workshop or other practice. You'll be surprised at how popular you'll be!

The Module is completed when you have run several practices using the various exercises and techniques learned and then gained ART accreditation following a short, assessed lesson.


Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes is a progressive learning scheme for new ringers. 

It uses milestones to enable ringers to progress faster and further. It has five Levels from basic handling to change ringing and includes assessment by quarter peal so that ringers can measure progress and see what comes next. Progress is recognised both in the tower and nationally.

This scheme also gives ringers access to online resources to learn away from the ringing practice.

* Level 1 - ensures a new ringer has a strong basic technique.

* Level 2 - builds the foundation skills that are essential for further progression.

* Level 3 - takes ringers from Called Changes to Change Ringing.

* Level 4 - reinforces and builds on Level 3 with progress to ringing methods.

* Level 5 - confidently ringing methods and trebling to complex methods.

Find out more about Learning the Ropes at or discover more about teaching with the LtR Scheme on the ART website