Tower Captain's Handbook: Free download - advice on organisation, recruiting, teaching bell handling, running the ringing and maintenance, with appendices on call changes and touches of Plain Bob, Grandsire and Stedman.

Rope Splicing: Leaflet from the Oxford DG with instructions and diagrams for short splicing, long splicing and whipping. Includes a glossary.

Belfry care and maintenance: Leaflet from the Oxford DG with advice on maintaining your bells, a diagram showing what's what on a bell, and a suggested maintenance schedule.

Sound Control: Leaflet from the Oxford DG with advice on various methods of sound control, both internal and external, and how to install it.

Tower Management: Guidance for ringers, parochial church councils and clergy regarding the management of the bell tower.

Child Protection In Towers: The Incumbent, Churchwardens and PCC of any parish have a legal and primary responsibility to maintain a safe environment for all people in the Tower. This provides guidance on complying with the legislation.

Tower Safety and Risk Assessment: Guidance on risk assessment to meet the minimum requirements in any situation.

Noise, the Law and the Environmental Health Officer: As ringers we have always been aware of the possibility of complaints being made about noise. This offers advice in the event of a complaint being made to the Local Authority.

Fire Risk Assessment and Protection: How to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment for your tower.

Beacons and Church Towers: Safety advice if your church is planning a church tower beacon.