Bell Restoration Fund

Are your church’s bells in need of restoration or repair?

If so, and if your church is within the Diocese of Leicester (which covers Leicestershire), we may be able to assist with a grant.

The Leicester Diocesan Guild Bell Restoration Fund (BRF) is a separate registered charity 508748, set up by the Leicester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers and controlled by its General Committee. Its object is to provide financial assistance through grants to churches within the Diocese of Leicester, for the purpose of improving their bell installations. Improvements might include work on existing bells, fittings or frames, or work in connection with new bells and augmentations.

To assist with the running of the fund there are two separate committees:

  • The BRF Fundraising Committee provides support to towers wishing to raise funds for their own bell restoration projects, organises fund-raising events and supports the Guild’s districts in raising money for the Bell Restoration Fund.
  • The BRF Allocations Committee meets regularly to consider all applications received for grants from the Bell Restoration Fund, before making recommendations to the General Committee.

The BRF Fund-raising Committee runs a 100CLUB as part of its fund-raising activities.