What we do

The Guild is here to help you – to support ringing at all churches in the Diocese, and to support individuals’ ringing.

The most visible part is regular monthly practices. These can be found at various locations across the county. Any member is welcome at any district practice, not just the ones held in their own district.

1st Week of the month:

  • Leicester District Practice
    Various days
  • 10 Bell Practice
    Saturday evening

2nd week of the month:

  • Progressing Ringers – Rounds to Plain Bob
    Saturday morning
  • Hinckley District Practice
    Saturday afternoon/evening

3rd week of the month:

  • Harborough District Practice
    Saturday afternoon
  • Melton District Practice
    Saturday evening
  • 10 Bell Practice
    Saturday evening
  • Midweek Practice
    Tuesday afternoon

4th week of the month:

  • Progressing Ringers – Plain Bob to Surprise
    Saturday morning

The Foundry Foxes, Leicestershire’s young ringers group, also meet on a regular basis, approximately twice a month, usually on a Friday evening.

The education committee runs the weekend course, which is held over two days in September. They have also been working with The Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) to run training days on teaching the teachers, held at Hathern. They also put on regular training days covering specific skills (for example ringing up and down). For more information on training days please see the Education Committee Page.

The Guild also supports churches who approach them for expertise on bellringing related matters, particularly if there is no regular band at that church. This may range from providing contact details for the church to arrange for ringers to come if they want the bells rung for a special occasion, or for help in teaching new ringers.

The Bells committee is available to inspect installations, and for any advice in connection with any problems affecting a church’s bells, renovation or augmentation.

The Guild also has a Bell Restoration Fund, with grants being available to bell related projects in the Diocese. See the Bell Restoration Fund Page.