Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Keeping people safe whilst in ringing settings is the responsibility of every member of a band, and every member of the guild.  In the vast majority of cases, this is simply a matter of common sense, and being a normal, caring and thoughtful person. 

The guild itself also has a responsibility to keep everyone safe, and to that end we have a dedicated Safeguarding Officer, and will be publishing a safeguarding policy in the near future.

The parent or guardian of each young ringer must complete the Permission to Ring form, and return it to the Tower Captain of the tower where they ring.

Download forms here:

Permission to Ring
Permission to Ring at Guild Events
Permission to Attend Additional Events

Anyone who regularly teaches, trains or supervises children must have a DBS check done by the parish safeguarding officer (usually a member of the PCC). Ringers in general supporting roles or who only undertake one-off teaching/deputising do not need DBS checks. The DBS check can be automatically updated or renewed every five years. It is also recommended that the person responsible for safeguarding in each church tower attends the Diocesan “Foundation level” training update session every three years.  In most cases this is an online course.  In addition, it is recommended that every regular member of a ringing band in LDG churches should at some point complete the Diocesan “Basic Awareness” online training in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.  

So much of safeguarding is really just common sense:

  • always obtain written parental consent to teach children and ensure that two adults are present (preferably one male and one female) when children are present
  • Always keep an attendance register, so that it’s possible to see who was present if any issues arise
  • Always ensure that it is clear who to report any concerns to (usually this is the parish safeguarding officer, but concerns could also come via the guild safeguarding officer or president)

The Central Council of Church Bell ringers have published several helpful documents, including a general safeguarding guidance document. We recommend that each tower keeps a copy of this in the ringing chamber.

If anyone has any worries, concerns or questions please contact the safeguarding officer:, or by using the form below. You can also speak to your parish safeguarding officer.

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