Bell Restoration Fund Rules

  1. The fund shall be known at The Leicester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers Restoration Fund.
  2. The object of the Fund shall be to advance the Christian religion by providing financial assistance to churches in the Diocese of Leicester for the purpose of maintaining and improving their bell installations by making grants to them. Maintenance and improvement of a bell installation shall be deemed to include the following:
    a) taking out an existing ring of bells, supplying and installing a new fram and fittings, recasting the bells and installing the same.
    b) taking out, overhauling and re-clappering existing bells, supplying and installing a new or additional fram and fittings and re-installing bells.
    c) taking out existing bells, recasting, or overhauling and re-clappering same and re-installing, overhauling existing frame and fittings.
    d) augmentation, and bringing existing bells frame and fittings into an adequate state of repair.
    e) other major repairs or additions to bells, frame and fittings.
    f) the provision of bells, frames and fittings, and erection of the same.
    g) the aquisition of bells for subsequent redeployment and recasting.
  3. The members of the fund shall be the members of the Leicester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers (hereinafter the Guild) as defined in the Rules and Operational Guidelines thereof.
  4. a) The Fund shall be administered by the Trustee Committee of the Guild.
    b) The Trustee Committee of the Guild shall have power, after considering an application submitted to the Guild in writing, to approve a grant from the Fund. In the case of grants for more than £300 or 15% of the cost of the workm whichever is the greater, the Trustee Committee shal consult with any sub-committee appointed by the General Committee to assist with the consideration of applications, and also with General Committee. Other granst shall be approved by the Trustee Committee after consultation with either any sub-committee appointed by the General Committee for thie purpose, or with the General Committee.
    c) The grant allocated will only be paid on completion of the work, or on production of an invoice for interim payment, provided that the amount of the invoice is not less than the total amount of the grant allocated, and provided that any faculty required has been granted.
    d) Any grant allocated and not take up by 30 June in the year following allocation of the grant will automatically be carried over to the following 12 month period, provided that a satisfactory explanation for the delay is produced.
  5. a) Such bank accounts and investments as may be required and agreed by the Trustee Committee shal be opened in the name of the Fund. Cheques and withdrawals shall be signed by any two of the Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Trustees, with the exception of cheques and withdrawals from the 100 Club account, which shall be signed by any two of the 100 Club Administrator, the Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Trustees.
    b) The General Committee of the Guild and any sub-committees it appoints shall have the power to raise funds by any means they see fit as long as permanent trading is not engaged in.
  6. In the event of the dissolution of the Fund the assets of the Fund shall, after payment of all expenses or liabilities, be distributed to such charitable organisations established for similar purposes in the Diocese as the Trustee Committee with the approval of the Charity Commissioners may determine.
  7. The Treasurer shall prepare a balance sheet as at 31st December in each year and a receipts and payment account for the year ended on that date which shall be independently examined by at least one Independent Examiner of the Guild and presented to the members at the first meeting of the Guild held after 31st December in which the Fund’s accounts are prepared.
  8. No alterations shall be made to these Rules so as to cause the Fund at any time to cease to be a charity at law. No alterations shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting of the Guild. Notice of any proposed alteration shall be given to the Honorary General Secretary of the Guild not later than six weeks prior to the meeting.

The Leicester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers Restoration Fund is a registered charity, no. 508748