Rope Store

Do you need a replacement bell rope? The LDG Rope Store is located in Twyford ringing chamber and is available to any LDG tower free of charge.

Do you have old ropes that still have a bit of life left in them that you could donate to the rope store? Please let us know so that we can keep the facility going.

We also have a team of volunteers who are happy to splice ropes if needed.

Please contact Peter Brown on for any rope store enquires.

Ropes available (as at 24th October 2023)

Rope NoConditionSally ColourSplicesTop length (feet)Tail Length (feet)

Condition 1 = good, 2 = ok but with splices, 3 = ok for occasional use only

* For a heavy bell

If you need a longer top end than shown we can try to splice the length needed.

Ropes reallocated since June 2017 = 25