Bell Handling

A vital part of learning to ring is having good bell handling skills. This will enable you as a learner to progress on to other aspects of ringing. It is a core foundational skill of the excercise. These early skills learned form the foundations on which the later skills are built. The difficulty for the new learner is knowning what ‘Good’ actually looks like. Below are some video clips which should help. Please take a look at these to ensure your bell handling and style matches up to this. If you feel you need more help or tuition please make contact with a member of the Recruitment & Education team using the email

Slow Motion bellringing

This video shows very clearly how what you are doing in the ringing room is having an effect on the bell. It is also a chance to see in slow motion what a good ringing style looks like.

Handstroke Grip and Pull

This video, from ART, talks about common issues encoutered by learners when ringing the handstroke, and describes in details what the best style looks like.

Stages of Learning

This video, also from ART, is good for instructors as it describes the different stages of learning, and what the leaner needs from the teacher at each stage.

We hope you find these resources useful and help you improve your skills.